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Artesian Water From An Extraordinary Place...

Minnesota, Land of Ten-Thousand Lakes or mnisota ‘milky water’ as it was called by the Dakota natives.

Beneath the earth lies a reservoir of crystal clear naturally clean water. Within this subterranean aquifer lies pure water cleaned through a naturally occurring filter of porous rocks and uncontaminated by civilization.

It contains no pesticides, pathogenic microbes, nitrates, toxic chemicals, or metals introduced by humans. Artesian Water is rare, purified before it was discovered; like buried treasure waiting to be shared.

Conservation of Our Source...

is our highest priority. You cannot share what you do not have and the bottled water industry as a whole has not been a net positive for our environment. 10K water has chosen to use a portion of each bottle of water sold to aid several environmental preservation groupsin Minnesota to ensure we can preserve the integrity of our natural source while fulfilling our mission to share our unique treasure. Now that’s Minnesota Nice!

We cherish our planet, and the remarkable abundance it has to offer. We strive to make the world a better place, one bottle at a time.

  • Our bottles are 100% recyclable, and are transformed into useful new products; everything from recycled pellets to magnificent creations of art; simply another way we make the world a more beautiful place.
  • We blow our own bottles to minimize pollution from shipping operations.
  • Our facility is heated and cooled with an environmentally energy-saving geo-thermal system.

Any impact we make on our planet is a positive one, resulting in something you can feel good about drinking.

About 10K
About 10K

Genuine Artesian Water...

is naturally pure, filtered by the Earth as it rests in underground aquifers, waiting to be discovered. Our pumpless wellspring collects water as it naturally rises to the surface from upward pressure below the Earth, right at the source. From the minute the water surfaces, it is organically pure – no ultraviolet treatment, carbon filtering or reverse osmosis required.

Once extracted, natural Artesian Water is delicately transferred from aquifer to bottle, keeping it pure and untouched along the way.  Our commitment is to share a bit of what natural tastes like with the rest of the world. 

The Numbers Behind Natural...

Take a peek at what natural looks like. Below you’ll find the composition of our natural Artesian Water just as it enters the aquifer after traveling through miles of porous rock deep underground.

The natural filtration process produces water that is abundant in essential minerals and electrolytes including calcium, potassium and magnesium; minerals that your body thrives on.

About 10K

Artesian Water Mineral Composition 






















Total Dissolved Solids


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